Producer Credits

Carole King

Touch the Sky (Capitol 1980)
Pearls: Songs of Goffin and King (Capitol 1981)
One to One (Atlantic 1982)

Eliza Gilkyson

Pilgrims (Gold Castle 1987)
Legend of Rainmaker (Gold Castle 1989)
Hard Times in Babylon (Red House 2000)
Lost And Found (Red House 2002)
Land Of Milk & Honey (Red House 2004)
Paradise Hotel (Red House 2005)
Your Town Tonight (Red House 2007)
Beautiful World (Red House 2008)

Iain Matthews

Walking a Changing Line (Windham Hill 1988)
Pure and Crooked (Gold Castle 1990)
Skeleton Keys (Mesa Blue Moon 1993)
The Dark Ride (Watermelon 1994)
God Looked Down (Watermelon 1996)

Will Sexton

Keep To Myself (Zoo Entertainment 1991)

David Halley

Broken Spell (Dos/Antones 1993)

Gillman Deaville

Ways to Fly (Flying Fish 1994)

Mr. Rocket Baby

Make Believe (Crystal Clear 1994)


Voices Electric (Line 1994)

Sara Hickman

Necessary Angels (Discovery 1994)

Hamilton Pool

Return to Zero (Watermelon 1995)

Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor (Watermelon 1995)

Kris McKay

Things That Show (Shanachie 1996)


dizzybloom (Hourglass 1997)

Amy Atchley

Speeding (1999)

Mark Stanley

Scrapbook (Green Hills 1999)

Tom Ovans

The Beat Trade (Pinnacle 1999)
Still In This World (Evangeline 2001)
Tombstone Boys Graveyard Girls (2003)

Christy Claxton

Out of Nowhere” (Lavendar Lounge 2000)

Emily Lord

Rear View Mirror (Jungle Queen 2000)


Oddibe (Giant Monkey 2001)

Elizabeth Rice

The Wishing Tree (Ruby Slipper 2001)


Trip From Grace (Loose Booty 2001)

Ezra Thomas

The Weight Of Being (Buck Fifty 2002)

Tom Russell

Modern Art (HighTone 2003)
Hotwalker (HighTone 2005)
Love and Fear (HighTone 2006)


Republic Of Love (Ars Mundi 2003)

Pieces Of East

Shadowbox (2003)

Kerry Polk

Hard Top Jubilee(2004)

Colin Gilmore

The Day The World Stopped and Spun The Other Way (Squirm 2004)

Wishing Chair


The Hoyle Brothers

Back To The Door (Loose Booty 2004)
One More Draw(Loose Booty 2006)

The Flying Club

Far and Away (Instrument Flight 2006)

The Alice Rose

Phonographic Memory (2007)

Elana James

Elana James (2007)

Rain Perry

Cinderblock Bookshelves (2008)
Internal Combustion (2010)
Men (2013)

Denice Franke

Gulf Coast Blue (2008)


Underdriven (2008)


Spokes (2008)

Christene LeDoux

Dust and Branches (2008)

Ben Mallott

Look Good Feel Good (2008)

Noelle Hampton

Thin Line (2009)

Danny Schmidt

Instead The Forest Rose To Sing(2009)

Hot Club Of Cowtown

Wishful Thinking (2009)

Charlie Faye

Wilson St. (2009)

Will Sexton

Move The Balance (2011)

Trent Gentry

Trent Gentry (2011)
Red (2013)

Wheeler Brothers

Portraits (2011)

Audrey Auld

Come Find Me (2011)

Sean Taylor

Love Against Death (2011)
Chase The Night (2013)

Melissa Crabtree

The Day I Fell In The Water (2012)

Bryan Ovenell

Wheelhouse (2012)

B. Sterling

Searching Through The Changes (2012)

Slaid Cleaves

Still Fighting The War (2013)