I am a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and record producer now specializing in mixing and mastering. My career took off in the mid-70s when I participated in a recording experience with Carole King for Lou Adler’s Ode label. Later, with Carole, I produced 3 records for Capitol and Atlantic.

My experience as a record producer has allowed me to develop mixing and mastering skills in all areas of the musical spectrum. This skill set is backed by 40 years of experience working in studios and mastering houses throughout the US, and 2 decades spent honing my own mastering environment and techniques. My toolkit includes an array of studio monitoring systems, from the elite Dutch & Dutch to the real world Radio Shack Minimus 7s. I use both analog and digital gear, including Neve, IGS, Shadow Hills, Massenburg, ATR 102 and mastering software. I work mostly out of Cedar Creek Studio ATX, and I have a dedicated mixing and mastering room in Austin, Texas and one in Marquette, Michigan.